Cleaning guns made out of stainless steel usable with demineralized water (deionized water), water and pressured air.


The stainless steel cleaning gun is possible to disassemble by hand and autoclavable ( sterilizable). The cleaning gun was developed to clean, rinse off and dry off instruments. The cleaning gun made out of stainless steel can be used with demineralized water (deionized water), drinking water (fresh water) or compressed air. 


Cleaning Gun Hela with PVC hose (9011)

Reinigungspistole Hela

Cleaning Gun Hela with stainless steel hose (9051)

Reinigungspistole Hela


The entire Hela stainless steel Cleaning Gun is possible to take apart by hand without using tools. The hose connected to the gun is possible to disengage by removing the screwed cone. Once the cone is removed the temperature stable silicon grip is easy to strip of cleaning gun. After unscrewing the closing cap it is possible to extract the complete dosing unit. Equal to the Dina and Nova cleaning guns the Hela cleaning gun has a cone installed at the end of the grip for a clean and secure storage with the table implementation (5700) or wall holder (3000). 


Presentation of the Hela Cleaning Kit 9050


Disassembly of the Stainless Steel Cleaning Gun Hela


Assembly of the Stainless Steel Cleaning Gun Hela



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