HEGA Rinsing Guns for Medical Practice, Laboratory and Clinical Use

Developed from experience HEGA Rinsing Guns stand for clean results with safe and easy handling. Whether for laboratory glassware, pipettes, syringes, cannulae, cuvettes or various other applications in practice, clinic or laboratory – HEGA Rinsing and Washing Guns are the perfect choice.

Rinsing Gun Nova (7050)

Rinsing Gun Nova

Rinsing Gun Dina (6010)

Rinsing Gun Dina

HEGA Rinsing Guns ensure with their good dosability a highly satisfactory result regardless of whether cleaning with water or drying with air. Using different attachments which only have to be plugged on, even the most remote corners can be reached. HEGA Rinsing Guns Dina and Nova have been designed and tested practice safe. Their tips lock the accurately fitting attachments and the standard cone keeps the attachments safe and clean in a table or wall mount.


Presentation of the disassembly and the flow control of the cleaning gun Dina



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